10 Second Trivia Map [Minigame]

About 10 Second Trivia Map.
20 questions and ten seconds to answer each given question – will you be able to make it? Put your Minecraft knowledge (and intelligence) on test and see whether you are a real Minecraft geek or not.

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How does it work?

Before entering a room there will be a sand block blocking the way. Destroy the sand block and collect it.

10 Second Trivia 1

As soon you open the door a timer will start and you will quickly have to read the question and answers.

Once you have decided on an answer place the sand block at the right location based on your answer.

10 Second Trivia 2

If you answered the correct answer you can move on to the next level and if you gave the wrong answer you will have to start over.

10 Second Trivia 3

It’s an advanced map with lots of work put into make the automated process as efficient as possible.

10 Second Trivia 4


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