1277659: Triple Desert Village seed

In this Triple Desert Village seed, you will spawn not far from an enormous triple village. The village have 24 farms, two blacksmiths and more than 20 houses. There are lots of resources to gather before you continue on your future journeys.

Seed: 1277659

Once you’ve spawned walk diagonally right. After a while you will see a small sand hill to your left and soon there after a lava pool.
Triple Desert Village seed
Triple Desert Village 1

Just a little bit further and you will reach the triple village. The villages have been generated on two sides of a river which crosses through the desert biome.
Triple Desert Village 2

Triple Desert Village 3
Here you will find two blacksmiths and plenty of farms and friendly villagers.
Items you will find in the blacksmiths chest:

– 5 iron ingots.
– 26 ink sacks.
– 7 apples.
– 1 iron chestplate.
– 4 bread loaves.

Triple Desert Village 4

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