1405119578: Gold Mines Adventure seed

In Gold Mines Adventure seed, the spawn is in the jungle. Now you might be asking why is this a good seed? The good thing about it is that close to spawn, just walk a little straight ahead and then diagonally to your right and you will come across a river. On the left side of the river there are some cocoa beans and melons which you can use for food.

Seed: 1405119578

Gold Mines Adventure 1

Continue right crossing the river and you will find more melons, in fact 7 more.

Gold Mines Adventure 2

Okay, so once you have crossed the river, picked up the melons then continue straight ahead toward the mesa biome.

Gold Mines Adventure 3
If you go a little to your left in the mesa biome (left side of the river) then you will find sugar canes which you obviously also can use for food (and paper).

Gold Mines Adventure 4

Follow the river in the mesa biome and it will lead you to where you want to go next – the mesa gold mines!

Gold Mines Adventure 5

Gold Mines Adventure 6

The seed is perfect if you are looking for an adventure. Collect food in the jungle and then head out toward the mesa gold mines and start look for gold.

Seed: 1405119578


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