1405121306: Jungle Island seed

Islands is not that uncommon in Minecraft PE to find in seeds but usually they are quite plain and boring with not much to do. Of course with some exceptions like this village island for example. Today we bring you another quite seed called Jungle Island seed which include a large jungle island. Jungles are also a common biome in Minecraft but it’s less common to find these kind of tropical islands.

Seed: 1405121306

It’s definitely an island with lots of things to do. In one part of the island is a cave opening which you can enter to adventure into the deep depths of the world. And as it is a jungle island there are lots of trees and wood to be found and used to build a house of some sort.

Jungle Island seed 4

Jungle Island seed 1

Jungle Island seed 2

Jungle Island seed 3

Seed: 1405121306

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