1410403532: Snow Village seed

In Snow Village seed, the spawn is on the crossing of an ice spikes biome and a flat landscape. Walk straight ahead over the little hill in front of you and then continue straight following the outskirt of the snow biome until you reach the village.

Seed: 1410403532

The major part of the village is in the snow and ice spikes biome.

Snow Village seed 1

Snow Village seed 2

In the center of the village is a blacksmith and a bunch of pumpkins.

If you look in the chest inside the blacksmith you will find the following items:

– 2 apples.
– 3 ink sacs.
– 1 leggings.

Snow Village seed 3

It’s surely a unique seed as if you look in one direction you see loads of snow and ice spikes and if you look in another direction you’ll find a flat grass landscape biome.

Snow Village seed 4

Seed: 1410403532

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