1412028422: Triple Village Spawn seed

In “Triple Village Spawn seed”, the spawn is at the triple village which is located on the shore of an ocean. Just a bit further away from the triple village you will find a fourth village.

Seed: 1412028422

Items in two out of the three villages there are blacksmiths:

– 2 apples.
– 1 iron helmet.
– 2 obsidian.
– 6 ink sacks.
– 5 bread loaves.
– 1 iron picks.
– 1 iron sword.

Triple Village Spawn seed 1

Triple Village Spawn 3

Triple Village Spawn 2
To get to the fourth village look so you face the water at the triple village and then look a little bit at the shore on your left and you will see the fourth village.

Items in blacksmith you will find:

– 4 iron ingots.
– 1 iron leggings.
– 2 bread loaves.

Triple Village Spawn 4

Triple Village Spawn 5

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