1417801910: Four Villages, Emeralds seed

In Four Villages, Emeralds seed, the spawn is in front of the first village which lays in a river. In this village you will find a blacksmith with some great loot including: 2 iron ingots, 2 emeralds, 2 bread loaves, 1 apple.

Seed: 1417801910

To get to the second village make your way back to the spawn and stand exactly where you stood when you spawn and then take a left and make sure you have the swamp biome on your left. Continue ahead and soon you should cross a river and get to the second village.

Four Villages, Emeralds seed 1

Emeralds 2

Emeralds 3

The second village will have a blacksmith. In the blacksmith you will find a chest with the following items:

– 2 emeralds.
– 2 iron helmets.
– 1 iron boots.

Now make your way to the desert close to the second village and you should see the third and fourth sand villages pretty soon. Neither of these ones got any blacksmiths but they do have farms where you can collect some vegetables.
Emeralds 4

Emeralds 6

Emeralds 5

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