1422183393: Big Survival Island seed

In Big Survival Island seed you will spawn on the center of what is a really big survival island. Surrounding the main island are a few smaller islands but besides them the surrounding area only consists of water.

Seed: 1422183393

Survival Challenges:

  • Plant more trees using the saplings you get from harvesting the leaves of the current trees.
  • Cut down a few trees to build yourself a house. Make sure to save a few trees and continue planting more.
  • Build the structure needed for a farm somewhere close to your house.
  • Locate seeds which you can plant on the farm.
  • Start building on a fence or a wall of some sort to protect your house and farm from hostile mobs.

Big Survival Island seed 2

Big Survival Island seed 1

Big Survival Island seed 3

Seed: 1422183393

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