1424537295: Hobbit House seed

Hobbit House seed is a unique seed where the main attraction is a house which is generated in the ground. Next to the house runs a river which means that one of the house’s walls are visible making it look like a hobbit house as in the Lord of the Rings where Bilbo and Frodo lives which most of you are probably familiar with.

Seed: 1424537295

At spawn take a right turn and follow the mountain side until you reach the village.

Hobbit House seed 1

Now you should be able to see the hobbit house.

Hobbit House 2

As you can see, it looks quite unique! Destroy some of the cobble and place a door there instead and you’ve got yourself a hobbit house.

Hobbit House 3

The village does have a blacksmith. The chest isn’t super good but it’s definitely worth looting.

Hobbit House 4

Seed: 1424537295

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