1425890811: Wolf Pack seed

In Wolf Pack seed you will spawn in a taiga biome and closeby you will find several wolves. We counted up to 5 wolves but you might find more. It’s the perfect seed if you are looking to quickly be able to tame some wolves and keep some companions on your future adventure.

Seed: 1425890811

How to tame a wolf?

First you will need to find some bones. After you’ve got that all you’ve got to do is to approach the wolf which you want to tame and tap on the Tame button in the bottom center of the screen while holding a bone.

Wolf Pack seed 1

You might not succeed to tame the wolf on your first attempt so continue to use more bones until you see some heart particles. Once the wolf got a red collar around its neck it’s tamed.

The wolf will obey commands such as sit and stand.
Wolf Pack seed 2

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