1427903212: One Village in Three Biomes seed

In this “One Village in Three Biomes seed” you will be able to find a seed which is integrated in three different biomes: mesa, plains and a desert biome.

Seed: 1427903212

One you have spawed, turn to your right to face the mesa biome. Walk to the mesa biome by crossing some water.

One Village in Three Biomes seed 1

One Village 2

Take a left and continue on by following the border of the mesa biome.

One Village 3

After you’ve circled the mesa biome for a while you will reach the village.

In the village there is a blacksmith and in the chest you will find the following items.

– 2 gold ingots.
– 2 bread loaves.
– 2 appples.
– 1 saddle.
– 3 ink sacks.

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