2737: Epic Mountain Village seed

In Epic Mountain Village seed you will spawn in front of a normal village with a blacksmith (iron ingots, gold ingots, iron sword, iron helmet & more) located on the coast next to an ocean.

Seed: 2737

Turn around at spawn and you will face a large, hilly mountain landscape in front of you. Follow the hilly mountain landscape so you have it on your left and on your right a more flat landscape.
Epic Mountain Village seed 1

Mountain Village 4

Mountain Village 3

Mountain Village 2
Following the same direction without crossing over the the hilly mountain landscape and you will very soon see the mountain village.
Mountain Village 5
As you can see on top of the mountain are several houses and a farm. And further down at the base of the mountain are a couple of more farms and houses.
Mountain Village 6

Mountain Village 8

Mountain Village 7

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