835433583: Cool Stronghold seed

In Cool Stronghold seed, the spawn is in the center of a village. The village does have a blacksmith so go ahead and have a look in the chest. It’s nothing super good but it’s definitely worth collecting the contents of the chest.

Seed: 835433583

Chest Content:

  • 2 apples
  • 1 iron leggings
  • 3 saplings
  • 2 bread loaves

Find the well in the village and dive straight down into the water and break the bottom blocks of the well to get down to the stronghold.

Cool Stronghold seed 1

It takes some time to dig through all the stone blocks but eventually you should fall into a stairwell which will lead you down to the stronghold.

Cool Stronghold seed 2

If you want to find the end portal follow the tunnels which lead to the left and you should soon find the room.

Cool Stronghold seed 3
Seed: 835433583


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