8868588: Super Rare Village, Epic Mountains & Lavafalls

About Super Rare Village, Epic Mountains & Lavafalls seed:
Once you have spawned in the game walk (or fly) diagonally to your right across a savannah biome. When you see some savannah mountains climb them and continue straight in the same direction you went in when you came there. Soon you should be past the savannah mountain and see a farm which should be the first sign of the epic village.

Seed: 8868588

The first time you see the village should almost feel like a jaw-dropping moment. Not only is the village partly located in river but the surrounding terrain features huge mountains and whatever else you wouldn’t expect, such as plenty of lava pouring out of the mountain core.

Super Rare Village 1

Super Rare Village 2

Super Rare Village 3

Super Rare Village 4

Seed: 8868588


Incoming search terms:

minecraft pe 0 10 0 seed.

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