Alternate Furnace Power Mod

Alternate Furnace Power Mod adds a solar panel to the game which can be used to power up a furnace when it’s exposed to light, meaning the solar panel only works during day hours.

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Once a solar panel is placed on top of a furnace you can tap on it to control a menu where you can toggle it on and off. As soon it’s toggled on it will start powering the furnace with solar fuel.
Alternate Furnace Power Mod 1
Never place any block on top of the solar panel other than glass blocks otherwise it will stop work. Remember to always switch it on whenever you enter a world because it’s automatically turned off anytime you exit a world.
Alternate Furnace Power Mod 2
Block IDs & Recipes:
– Solar Panel (212) – 3 Lapis Lazuli Blocks + 6 Iron Ingots.

Alternate Furnace Power Mod 3



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