AMazeZing Map [Puzzle]

AMazeZing Map is the biggest and most amazing (funny, eh?) maze we’ve ever posted here on MCPEDL. Not only does it include two epic mazes but it also includes a structured story line throughout the journey which will last for a long time because of its greatness.

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Info & Screens

The map consists of more than 150 000 blocks and took almost two weeks in full game time to build. It’s the first map in a trilogy of three which will be released if it gets popular enough. We got little doubts about that so make sure to download it so we can see some more amazing maps from this guy!

Creator: MinecraftExtra

Possible Challenges

  • Play through in your own pace and read the signs for  the story
  • Race through the map in a competition with your friends

AMazeZing Map





iOS Non-Jailbreak Install

iOS Jailbreak Install

Android Install

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