Animal Mod Pack

This Animal Mod Pack adds Rabbits, Horses, Rats, Turtles, Boars, Mummies, Zombies Villagers, More Crafts, More Drops, and Much More to MCPE! This pack included texture pack which compatible with all the mods.

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Rabbits!! (v0.2)

Adds Brown, Black, White, Gold, Toast, Pepper, Salt, and his babies, same as Minecraft Pc..

The textures are compatibles with te Pc ones.

You can Breed them, and make them grow with carrots!

And if you can kill one of these little beauties, u can eat them, make Rabbit Stew, and leather with his hide..

Download Link:

The Killer Bunny!

Be careful whit this one!

Download Link:

The Creebbit!

This is my little monster..

If you hit him, he drops Gunpowder, but try to not kill it!!!

With a Hoe you take all the gunpowder, and will return to being a normal rabbit! but green..

Download Link:

Horses! (v0.2)

Added 6 types of Horses: Black, White, Creamy, Dark Brown, Chestnut and Grey!

You can craft a Saddle to ride the horses..

And a Whip (Carron on a Stick) to give it speed.. if u kill one, they drop 1-3 leather.

Download Link:


Do not mess with the big ones..

If u found a baby, you can give it a carrot to make it grow! and another one to breed, this work only if u found as a baby!

Download Link:


With Sugar Cane you can breed them! and make Turtle Soup!

Download Link:


They want to eat you, but you can eat them! and make leather with his hide..

Download Link:

Hostiles Mobs!

Includes: Mummy Villager, Zombie Villager, Native Killer and Psyco Villager!

Download Link:

Drops +!

Adds Pc drops, like sheep raw mutton, zombie rotten flesh, raw fish, spider eye, and the new Bone Sword!

You can cooked them too, or make leather with the rotten flesh..

Download Link:

Texture pack:

The one i created, with shaders, black wolves, new villagers, and some custom blocks:

Compatible with all the mods

Download Link:


First of all, to use any mod/mods you will need Blocklauncher or Blocklauncher pro. You can find it on the app store (for kindle and android only).

Step 1 : Download any mod/mods of your choice.

Step 2 : Open Blocklauncher(free/pro).

Step 3 : Click the wrench icon near the top of your screen.

Step 4 : Click the manage ModPE scripts option.

Step 5 : Click the import button.

Step 6 : Click the Local storage button.

Step 7 : Find where the mods that you downloaded went (usually under downloads).

Step 8 : Click the mod that you wish to install.

Step 9 : Enjoy the mod/mods that you installed.

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