Arena Map

Arena Map is a survival minigame where you should team up with some friends to fight waves of zombies, gain better gear and ultimately eat lots of cake.

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Arena Story mode
Recommended to play this map together with friends.

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How to play Arena Map

Enter the arena and press the button on the diamond block to start the challenge. (If you die you can’t enter the arena again. The iron doors will be locked.) Remember to set difficulty to at least 1 (-|–) otherwise the monsters won’t spawn.

Arena Map

Make sure to never stay too long in one place. Try to move around a lot to make sure you aren’t caught in a corner with too many monsters attacking!

Arena 1

Arena 2

After finishing the first wave of monsters a new area will be unlocked. Here there are two chests where you can get some weapons, food and gear.

Arena 3

There’s also a button which will activate the next wave/level.

Arena 4

And so it continues until you’ve completed all 5 monsters waves. And if you are still standing when the last monster is slain you will be able to enjoy lots of cake to celebrate the victory!

Arena 5

Rules when play Arena Map

– Set difficulty to minimum difficulty 1 (-|–), preferably higher if you want a good challenge.
– Don’t break/place blocks.


iOS Non-Jailbreak Install

iOS Jailbreak Install
Android Install

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