Army Weapons Mod

Army Weapons Mod or Battle Field Gear mod. This mod adds Flame Grenade, Instant Barrier Grenade, Fatal Grenade, AK-47 and Gatling Gun in to your game.

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Flame Grenade: Throws Fire.
Instant Barrier Grenade: Places Barrier.
Fatal Grenade: Massive Explosion!.

2 Guns:

AK-47: Super Far Range, Super Powerful.
Gatling Gun: Super Fast Firing, Not as Powerful as Ak47 Fire it just by Holding It.

Instant Barrier:

This weapon lets you fire a set of cobblestone chunks. It’s perfect if you are looking to create a blockade to seal of a specific area.

Army Weapons Mod 1
Flame Grenade:

It’s a quite straight forward weapon which shoots grenades which will automatically cause a fire where it lands.

Army Weapons 2
Fatal Grenade:

This weapon is probably the most powerful one as it will throw a grenade which will cause a massive explosion and destroy anything that comes in its way.

Army Weapons 3

This is an assault rifle which will shoot rapid-fire arrows.

Army Weapons 4
Gatling Gun:

This weapon will shoot rapid-fire arrows very intensely. As soon as you hold the weapon it will start firing. Only when you unequip the weapon will stop shooting. Make sure not to move while firing because you might accidently shoot yourself.

Army Weapons 5


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Step 2 : Open Blocklauncher(free/pro).

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Step 4 : Click the manage ModPE scripts option.

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Step 6 : Click the Local storage button.

Step 7 : Find where the mods that you downloaded went (usually under downloads).

Step 8 : Click the mod that you wish to install.

Step 9 : Enjoy the mod/mods that you installed.

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