back to game: Ice Spikes Biome With Huge Mountain Passes

About Ice Spikes Biome seed With Huge Mountain Passes.
This seed Turn to your right and enter the snow biome. Start your journey in the same direction and you will first come across a huge crater like hole in the ground with a lavafall.

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Ice Spikes Biome seed With Huge Mountain Passes.

Ice Spikes Biome 2
The snow biome as a whole is very open and a quite bumpy terrain to travel in so you creative mode (and flying) definitely makes things easier.

After a while you will notice a large snowy mounta in front of you. Once you get past it and turn diagonally to your left a little you will be able to see the first ice spikes. Most of the spikes are quite small while a few are gigantic.

Ice Spikes Biome 3

Ice Spikes Biome 4

In the same ice spikes biome there is a pretty cool mountain pass with huge mountain walls on your sides.

Ice Spikes Biome 5

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