Better Quarry Mod

If you have played Tekkit then you know they have cool Quarry under BuildCraft. So Better Quarry Mod is an attempt to put it in MCPE by RhanCandia.

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Better Quarry Mod 1
Better Quarry Mod 3

The Quarry:

Upon placing the Quarry Block the Quarry area will be fenced.
Better Quarry Mod 4

The Quarry Drill in the middle digs a layer every 16 seconds. Not too overpowered. Automation, not killing the gameplay.

Better Quarry Mod 5
Optional: Place A Chest Above the Quarry Block.

You can place a chest on top of the Quarry Block so that the ores are collected in the chest. This is not mandatory.
If you don’t place a chest on top of the Quarry Block, the ore items will be dropped on top of the Quarry Block. You can pick them up manually.
Better Quarry Mod 6
Better Quarry Mod 7

1. Create the Quarry Block. (Just the Quarry Block. You don’t need to have the Quarry Fence and Quarry Drill).

2. Find a flat area.

3. Tap on the ground to place the the Quarry Block. It will automatically create the set up. The area of the Quarry will be fenced. The Quarry Drill will appear in the center.

4. Optional: Place a chest (single or double) on top of the Quarry Block. If you do this, the ores mined will automatically be organized here.

5. Face towards the Quarry. (VERY IMPORTANT!).

5. Tap the Quarry Block using any kind of pickaxe to ACTIVATE it. To DEACTIVATE, simply tap the Quarry Block again using any kind of pickaxe.

6. ???.

7. Profit!


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