Blood Magic mod

MCPE Blood Magic mod is ported mod by kingbudderjr from original Minecraft PC mod. Original creator of this mod is WayOfTime.

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Getting Started:
Once got some basic vanilla items you are gonna need to craft 2 main tools!
The Altar, crafted with 1 diamond, 2 gold ingots, 1 furnace and 4 smooth stone.
The Sacrificial Knife, crafted with 1 iron ingot, 1 gold ingot and 5 glass.
After the altar is placed you are gonna need to tap on the ground with this item in order to start filling the altar.
Each use will take away a players hearth and will add 200 blood to the altar.
And now before going much after im gonna introduce you to 2 basic elements this mod is builded on:

The altar capacity: whenever you use the Sacrificial Knife on yourself or you use the Dagger of Sacrifice on other mobs you are gonna start storing BLOOD in the altar.Blood is used in the altar for creating new materials.

The players Life Points network also called LP network. This is the main “fuel” of anything in Blood Magic Pe.
Its used to power up sigils, alchemy, rituals, armor and summoning.
You can start filling up this network by using any kind of Blood Orb on yourself.
Each Blood Orb has a max of LP that can be stored.

After you got these things well in mind you can proceed with the creation of you first Blood Orb: the Week Blood Orb, wich is created by tapping with a diamond on a tier 1 altar with 2000 blood in it.
Now you have your blood orb wich can contain to a max of 5000 LP.
And now you are gonna need to create another basic item.
The Blank Slate wich you can create by tapping a tier 1 altar with a Smooth Stone block with 1000 blood in the altar.
Use the Week Blood Orb, the Blank Slate and 7 blocks of Glass to craft a Divination Sigil, your some kinda of helper in the Blood Magic world.
This sigil can detect if tapped on the ground how much LP you have and if tapped on any altar it will tell you its capacity and its tier.
Really useful.

Annoyed by stabbing yourself with the Sacrificial Knife?
There’s a solution to it!
You can make it by tapping with an Iron Sword and a tier 2 altar(check the altar section) with 3000 blood in the altar.
This will create the Dagger of Sacrifice. This item if used on any mob will kill it and will add to the altar 250 blood.

Now that you got some basic information you can get yourself in the world if Bmpe and as your first goal your are gonna need to make the Archmage’s Blood Orb the best orb in the mod. With that orb you can create many things!
Hope you will be able to use the power of BLOOD!

As said before to start you bmpe adventure you are gonna need to make an altar!
But wait…
There are 5 tiers for the altar…
How can I make them?
This is the explanation:

Tier 1 altar
Its just a simple altar block;

Tier 2 altar
Blood Magic mod 1
To upgrade your altar you are gonna need to craft this new block called the Blood Rune crafted with 2 Blank slates, 1 Week blood orb and 6 Smooth stone blocks.
Now put them in a pattern like the one showed in the picture.

Tier 3 altar
Blood Magic mod 2
Added another row of Blood runes and 4 glowstone blocks, the glass blocks can be replaced with any other kind of block exept air.

Tier 4 altar
Blood Magic mod 3
Another row of Blood runes and added 4 Bloodstone bricks, crafted with 4 Week Blood Shards (look at the ritual section).

Tier 5 altar
Blood Magic mod 4
A last row of Blood runes added with 4 diamond blocks at the top corners.

Blood Orbs:
Let me introduce you your new best friend: the Blood orb!
These orbs are needed to store LP.
Each of them needs a different altar tier to be made and can store an ammount of LP
To use these blood orbs just tap on the ground, you will lose a hearth and you will add 200 LP to your network.

Week Blood Orb:
Made by tapping a tier 1 altar with a diamond and with 2000 blood in the altar.
Its max LP capacity is 5000.

Apprentice Blood Orb:
Made by tapping a tier 2 altar with an emerald and with 5000 blood in the altar.
Its max LP capacity is 25000.

Magician’s Blood Orb:
Made by tapping a tier 3 altar with a gold block and with 25000 blood in the altar.
Its max LP capacity is 150000.

Master Blood Orb:
Made by tapping a tier 4 altar with a Week Blood Shard (look at the rituals section) and with 40000 blood in the altar.
Its max LP capacity is 1000000.

Archmage’s Blood Orb:
Made by tapping a tier 5 altar with a Demon Blood Shard (look at the summoning section) and with 150000 blood in the altar.
Its max LP capacity is 10000000.

A useful part of Bmpe are sigils.
Sigils are made from blank or infused slates combined with some other items that use LP for useful things.
Let me show you.

Divination Sigil:
Crafted from 1 blank slate, 1 week blood orb and 7 glass this sigil is your very first one and if tapped on the ground with it, will tell you the ammount of LP you have.
Also if tapped on any type of altar will tell you the tier of this altar and the ammount of blood stored in it.

Lava Sigil:
Crafted from a blank slate, 1 week blood orb and 7 lava buckets this sigil will generate a lava source block wherever you tap at the cost of 1000 LP.

Water Sigil:
Crafted from 1 blank slate, 1 week blood orb and 7 water buckets this sigil will generate a water source block wherever you tap at the cost of 100 LP.

Void Sigil:
Made from a reinforced slate, 1 apprentice blood orb, 6 buckets and 1 string this sigil have the ability to delete any kind of liquid.
Tap on any block with a liquid block on top of it and it will disappear to a cost of 50 LP

Sigil of the Green Grove:
Crafted from a reinforced slate, 1 apprentice blood orb, 3 sugar canes and 4 sapling this sigil if used on any plant will act like bone meal but it will cost 150 LP.

There’s currently 1 ritual: the Ritual of Binding wich is used to create the Bound Sword.
The bound sword if used on zombies will kill them and make them drop a Week Blood Shard used in many Bmpe craftings.

To make this ritual you are gonna need 7 basic things:
2 new blocks
The Ritual stone crafted from 4 obsidian, 4 reinforced slates, 1 apprentice blood orb.
The Master Ritual stone crafted from 4 ritual stones, 4 obsidian, 1 magician’s blood orb.

5 New items
The Week Activation Crystal made by tapping with a flint n steel on a tier 3 altar with 10000 blood in it.
Tap on the master ritual stone to check if the ritual is OK and activate it.

And now also some tools called Elemental Inscription Tools, these ones are made in a tier 3 altar with different items and with 1000 blood in it.
Air Tool=1 Nether Quartz
Fire Tool=1 Lava Bucket
Water Tool=1 Lapis Block
Earth Tool=1 Obsidian
To use this tools just tap with them on a ritual stone, the stone will be colored with the type of inscription tool you’ve used.

Lets go on with the the ritual.
In order to make this ritual you arent gonna need 1 master ritual stone, 8 blank ritual stone, 4 air ones, 4 fire ones, 4 water ones and 4 earth ones.
Put them in a pattern like this one:

Blood Magic mod 5
Now tap the master ritual stone with a week activation crystal.
After so if a message pops up saying that the ritual is correct, tap the master ritual stone with a diamond sword and at least 5000 LP in your network.
A Bound Sword will be made.
The bound sword is a really good weapon and is used to harvest Week Blood Shards.
Kill zombies to gain these Blood shards.

Bound Armor:
Another useful part of bmpe is the Bound Armor.
This armor created from a complex system that I will explain, if you wear it will cancel any type of damage to a cost of 300 LP every 20 damage received.
In order to create this Bound armor you are gonna need to craft some new blocks.
The Empty Socket crafted from 4 Week Blood Shards, 1 diamond and 4 glass.
The Filled Sockets wich can be obtained by tapping on any tier of altar that has at least 30000 blood in it.
The Soul Armor Forge crafted from 1 Magician’s Blood Orb, 4 Filled sockets and 4 smooth stone.
Now think about this way in order to craft the Bound Armor you simply place the Soul Armor forge somewhere and you surround it with Filled Sockets like if it would be a crafting recipe.
Here are the examples:
Bound Helmet
Blood Magic mod 6

Bound Plate
Blood Magic mod 7

Bound Leggings
Blood Magic mod 8

Bound Boots
Blood Magic mod 9

And now on to another very important part of Bmpe: alchemy.
Blood Magic’s Alchemy allows the player to create very powerfull potions.
But first you are gonna need some main stuff.
The Alchemical Chemestry Set crafted with 1 Week Blood Orb, 2 obsidian and 1 iron bar.
A little explanation to how you are gonna use this block.
There are many recipes for potion and they building stages so in order to add an ingredient to the Set you simply tap with the ingredient on the block, afterthis in order to retrieve the item made you are gonna to use a Blood Orb and some LP, BEWARE ONCE AN INGREDIENT HAS BEEN PUTTED INSIDE THE SET YOU CANT TAKE IT BUT BUT IT WILL REMAIN SAFE FOR OTHER RECIPES.
Another main thing you are gonna need are Potion Flasks wich are created by tapping with a Glass Bottle (crafted from 3 glass) on any altar tier that has inside at least 2000 blood.
A quick note about potions:
After a potion is made to activate it just tap on the ground with if. Each potion has 8 uses, each use last for about 5 minutes. When the last use is done your potion wont disappear but it will be unusable you can fill it up by adding a Week Filling Agent wity the potion in the Alchemical Chemestry Set. Adding the filling Agent will refill to 8 uses.
Here are all the recipes that exist:
Basic Catalyst= 2 redstone dust, 1 gunpowder, 1 sugar, 1 glowstone [to retrive use the Week Blood Orb or any better one + 200 LP]
Week Binding Agent= 2 Simple Catalysts, 1 clay [to retrive use the Apprentice Blood Orb or any better one + 1000 LP]
Week Filling Agent= 1 Simple Catalyst, 1 redstone dust, 1 glowstone dust, 1 nether brick [to retive use the Magician’s Blood Orb or any better one + 500 LP]
Aether= 1 Simple Catalyst, 2 feathers, 1 glowstone dust [to retrive use the Apprentice Blood Orb or any better one + 500 LP]
Potion Flask + Week Binding Agent + Element
Aether=jump boost

Probably one of the first step to do im Bmpe is summoning.
If your thinking of getting the Archmage’s Blood Orb then summoning is the first thing you should do after you got the Master Blood Orb.
But what do you summon?
You will summon elementals.
Elementals are some sort of bosses that deal kinda some damage and when killed will drop Demon Blood Shards used in a tier 5 altar to make the Archmage’s Blood Orb.

In order to get started with summoning you are gonna need 6 Aethers (look at the alchemy section), 6 Arcane Pedestals, 1 Arcane Plinth and 1 Master Blood Orb.
Arcane Pedestals are crafted from 6 obsidian and 1 week blood shard.
Arcane Plinths are crafted from 1 Arcane Pedestal and 6 Iron Blocks.
Once got these stuff, place the Arcane Plinth in the centre and the Arcane Pedestals in a pattern like this:
Blood Magic mod 10
Now tap with the Aethers on each Pedestal.
Get prepared for battle and tap with the Master Blood Orb on the Plinth.
An elemental has spawned.
Kill it to get the Demon Blood Shard.


First of all, to use any mod/mods you will need Blocklauncher or Blocklauncher pro. You can find it on the app store (for kindle and android only).

Step 1 : Download any mod/mods of your choice.

Step 2 : Open Blocklauncher(free/pro).

Step 3 : Click the wrench icon near the top of your screen.

Step 4 : Click the manage ModPE scripts option.

Step 5 : Click the import button.

Step 6 : Click the Local storage button.

Step 7 : Find where the mods that you downloaded went (usually under downloads).

Step 8 : Click the mod that you wish to install.

Step 9 : Enjoy the mod/mods that you installed.

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