Buried Tresures Mod

The Kingbudderjr’s Buried Tresures mod! As you might already understand from the mods name this mod adds in buried tresures to your minecraft world.

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Buried Tresures Mod 2
Whenever you brake them they will drop a tresure!
Tresures can be diamonds, budder, iron, emeralds,nether quartz and other stuff!
Still you can alwasy find something else in those ancient chests…


The Ancient Map:
Sometimes there is a chance that the tresure will give you this item.

Buried Tresures 3

Its an old map that will tell you where there are Tresures or not.
To use it tap any block.
Wherever you tap if the map says that it found something it means that underneath that block, deep underground there is a tresure.
If not then just go toward…

The Dead Pirate:
Ever though that you could find the a living soul of a pirate in a tresure?
Well there you go..

Buried Tresures 4

Kill him, he will drop his hook.

Buried Tresures 5

The Pirate’s Hook is a very strong weapon that deals 10 damage!
Yep that cool aint it?

Block & Item IDs:

– Treasure (200)
– Ancient Treasure Map (322)
– Pirate’s Hook (326)


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