Captain America Mod

Captain America mod was created by JGmods. This mod makes it possible for you to turn into the superhero of freedom himself. As Captain America you will be stronger, faster and just in general superior to all other mobs. Your character will also hold a shield which for being Minecraft looks really cool!

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How to use Captain America Mod?

To turn into Captain America you will need to get the Shield item and use it by tapping with the item on the ground.

We recommend to use the SimpleCommands mod to retrieve this item. Simply use the following command: /give 450 1

– Shield (450).

Captain America Mod

As Captain America you will be much stronger, have the ability to jump higher and run faster and the shield will help absorb a lot of damage.

The new jumping and absorption abilities really come handy when when you are up on the roofs chasing criminals (zombies).

Captain America 1

You really don’t need any weapons. Your strength is enough to kill almost all enemies empty handed.

Captain America 2


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