Cops And Robbers Map [Creation]

About Cops And Robbers Map mcpe.
Cops And Robbers is a popular gamemode for servers where there are usually two competing teams: cops vs robbers. The robbers (or criminals) are stuck in the high security prison with walls and guards surrounding them. The criminals primarily goal is to escape prison and preferably by doing so as silently as possible without getting caught.

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With this amazing map you can have just that experience. It’s also an incredible map to walk around in alone and explore the many majestic halls and rooms. It’s truly a complex prison with lots of obstacles on the way for anyone who dare to attempt a prison break.
Cops And Robbers Map 1

Cops And Robbers Map 2

Cops And Robbers Map 3

Cops And Robbers Map 4

Cops And Robbers Map 5

Cops And Robbers Map 6


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