Cyborg Armor mod

UltraPeach back with another Minecraft PE 0.10.5 Mod! Today it is the Cyborg Armor mod! now i know Most of you guys are gonna be like: “whats so cool about armor, its just Chain armor re-textured” well let me tell you this armor mod is not just any armor mod.

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It doesnt retexture chain armor, it doesnt change your skin, it changes you player model
including a fully custom chest plate, a cannon you wear on your shoulder and a pair of super boots.
all with different abilities, yes you heard right a brand new type of armor has been bought to life.

Cyborg Armor mod 1

Cyborg Armor 2

Cyborg Armor 3

Cyborg Armor 4


First of all, to use any mod/mods you will need Blocklauncher or Blocklauncher pro. You can find it on the app store (for kindle and android only).

Step 1 : Download any mod/mods of your choice.

Step 2 : Open Blocklauncher(free/pro).

Step 3 : Click the wrench icon near the top of your screen.

Step 4 : Click the manage ModPE scripts option.

Step 5 : Click the import button.

Step 6 : Click the Local storage button.

Step 7 : Find where the mods that you downloaded went (usually under downloads).

Step 8 : Click the mod that you wish to install.

Step 9 : Enjoy the mod/mods that you installed.

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