Divine RPG Mod (Bosses, Swords & More!)

Divine RPG Mod adds three new bosses to the game called the Divine Boss, the Hallow Boss and Bloodbeat. Each boss got its own looks and characteristics and all of them are incredibly hostile and dangerous.

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To spawn the bosses you need to create a pillar of five Eye Stones and nine Cobblestones.

Once a boss is killed it will drop five new blocks which you will have to use to spawn the next boss. And once that boss is killed you have to do the same thing again to spawn the last boss.
Divine RPG Mod

  • /everything – get all new block & item IDs
  • /food – get all food items
  • /swords – get all swords

Block IDs

  • Divine Core – 180
  • Lightstones – 181
  • Eye Stones – 182
  • Divine Explosive – 186


  • Divine Boss
  • Hallow Boss
  • Bloodbeat

Item IDs

  • Divine Powder – 480
  • Medical Kit – 508

Installation Guide

The downloaded file consists of a .zip file which include multiple different .js files. Load all of the files and don’t forget to install the texture pack which is included in the .zip file.

Creator: ThePocketMiner

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