Escape the Witch Map [Roller Coaster]

Escape the Witch Map is a quick ride roller coaster taking no more than a couple of minutes to entirely ride through. The map is split up in several different sections where one part got some spooky castles and another got cool illusions. It’s a mixture of both realism and almost hallucinatory illusions like the ones in the images further down.

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Most of map run in a consistent scary theme with pumpkin faces on the walls and spooky castles and dusty old libraries. It’s said to be a horror map but if it was one thing it lacked it was scary things so we wouldn’t consider it a horror map but more of a fun map instead.

Escape the Witch Map 1

Escape the Witch Map 2

Escape the Witch Map 3


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iOS Jailbreak Install

Android Install

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