Ex Nihilo – Skyblock Companion Mod

Skyblock Companion Mod is one of the most popular maps ever created for Minecraft. The Ex Nihilo mod adds many new features to the game which are specifically aimed for people playing the Skyblock map (even though it logically could also be used for other maps as well!).

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Lets look into some of the most appreciated features. We won’t be covering them all here as it’s such a grand mod but let’s give you a taste..



In an Oak Barrel you can place things as saplings, bread and wheat. Over time the things you put in there will compost and ultimately turn to Dirt Blocks which can come handy for building and similar.

SkyBlock Companion Mod 1
Items able to store in an Oak Barrel

  • Saplings
  • Spider Eyes
  • Rotten flesh
  • String
  • Wheat
  • Bread
  • Roses
  • Red mushrooms
  • Brown mushrooms
  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Potatoes
  • and more.. basically all the food & fresh items

Making Clay

Clay can be used to create other blocks such as bricks. By placing water in an Oak Barrel and then in the water adding some Dust that will give you clay.
SkyBlock Companion 2

Collecting Water Through Rain

Another cool feature with the barrels is that if it starts raining the barrels will start collecting the rain which you can put in a bucket when it’s full. Slowly, very slowly the barrels should be starting to fill but it will take quite some time to actually fill an entire barrel.
SkyBlock Companion 3
There are more cool features for each barrel added to the game but if you want to learn exactly how those work we recommend you to either watch the YouTube clip in the bottom of this page or read the wiki. The wiki is originally for the PC version of this mod which means it got more features than what is found in the Minecraft Pocket Edition version of the mod.


Five new hammers are added to the game. Wooden, Stone, Iron, Gold and Diamond are the five different types and the difference is how high they can mine, durability and so on.

If you use the stone hammer to mine cobblestone you will be able to get gravel from it, instead of cobblestone if you were to use a pickaxe.

Hammering Cobblestone

SkyBlock Companion 4
If you then place down the gravel bock which you just acquired and start mining it with your hammer you will see that you get sand.
SkyBlock Companion 5
And if place down the sand block and start mining it with your hammer you will be getting Dust which would come handy if you are making Clay which we shown you before with the barrels.
SkyBlock Companion 6

Hammering Iron

Try mining the Iron Block with your hammer and craft the Broken Iron Ore into Iron Ore Gravel.
SkyBlock Companion 7
Place the Iron Ore Gravel down and start mining it with the Diamond Hammer and you will get Crushed Iron Ore.
SkyBlock Companion 8
Craft your Crushed Iron Ore into an Iron Ore Sand block. Place it down and mine it with your hammer and get the Pulverized Iron Ore. Craft the Pulverized Iron Ore into Iron Ore Dust.
SkyBlock Companion 9

Hammering Gold

Mine the Gold Block with your hammer to get Broken Gold Ore and craft it into Gold Ore Gravel and then place it down.
SkyBlock Companion 10
Mine the Gold Ore Gravel, collect the Crushed Gold Ore, craft it into Gold Ore Sand and place it down.
SkyBlock Companion 11
Crush the Gold Ore Sand with your hammer, craft the Pulverized Gold Ore into Gold Ore Dust.
SkyBlock Companion 12
The point of this lengthy process is that the finer you mine a block and craft it into another the easier it will be to get the ultimate blocks you want more of. To fully understand the process we highly recommend you to check out the video in the bottom of this page.


Crooks can be crafted out of sticks, see the image below for the crafting recipe. You can use a crook to get a greater (at least double) chance of receiving a saplings and apples when destroying leaves of trees.

SkyBlock Companion 13

SkyBlock Companion 14

A crook can also be used on mobs to pull them toward or away from you. It all depends on whether you are using it on a friendly or hostile mob.

SkyBlock Companion 15

Item IDs

  • Oak Barrel – 228
  • Spruce Barrel – 229
  • Birch Barrel – 230
  • Jungle Barrel – 231
  • Stone Barrel – 232
  • Broken Gold – 440
  • Broken Iron – 441
  • Crushed Gold – 443
  • Silk Worm – 444
  • Crook – 445
  • Wooden Hammer – 446
  • Stone Hammer – 447
  • Iron Hammer – 448
  • Diamond Hammer – 449
  • Gold Hammer . 450
  • Silk Mesh – 451
  • Porcaline – 460
  • Dust – 209
  • Gold Dust – 210
  • Iron Dust – 211
  • Iron Gravel – 212
  • Gold Gravel – 213
  • Oak Sieve – 214
  • Infected Leaves – 215

To find out the rest of the features of this mob, check out the video below. The download button is always, in the bottom of the page.

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