Extreme Bosses Mod

Extreme Bosses Mod created by UltraPeachMC, this mod adds 2 working and 1 WIP boss in to Minecraft, they are all ridiculously powerful, so grab some battle gear and fight them!

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How to fight?
Use the Armor+ mod to get some gear which is suitable for fighting the bosses as powerful as these. The best tactic is to use the Heaven Armor CPU  which is found in the Armor+ mod to kill the bosses. It’s probably possible to take them out using the default Minecraft gear too but it’s a lot harder.

It’s highly recommended to spawn one boss at the time as both are very powerful.
Inferno Emperor:
This boss (spawn item = 1 gold ingot + 1 egg) will first start out as an alone aggressor. After a while of fighting him he will spawn zombie pigmen who will help him out.

Extreme Bosses Mod 1

Extreme Bosses Mod 2
Frozen Empress:
This boss (spawn item = 1 diamond + 1 egg) will be spawning water around you making it difficult for you to hit her.
Extreme Bosses Mod 3

Extreme Bosses Mod 4
What do they drop?
The bosses drop the most powerful weapons and gear in the game. When you’ve killed them both you can combine the Frozen Battle Axe and the Inferno Battle Axe to get The Forgotten Battle Axe which deals 525 damage, in other words it’s a very powerful weapon.

The Forgotten Battle Axe will be a necessity whenever the final boss, The Undead Conqueror, is added to the mod. It will be done within the close the future.
Item IDs & Crafting Recipes:

  • Frozen Empress (489) – 1 diamond + 1 egg.
  • Frozen Battle Axe (490) – 1 gold ingot + 1 egg.
  • Inferno Emperor (492).
  • Inferno Battle Axe (460).
  • Undead Prince (461).
  • The Undead Crown (462).
  • The Forgotten Battle Axe (477) – 1 frozen battle axe + 1 inferno battle axe.



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