Extreme Herobrine 2 mod

Hello guys!
If you are looking for a good herobrine mod
You already found it!
But its not always better and good, it needs improvement.
Herobrine now have updated AI
Extreme Herobrine 2 mod added arena, without arena, its not fun.

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Before tryi…. oh hey you got a phone call.
-Phone Call-

Hello? Hello! Are you free? Herobrine stole my PVP arena, can you kill him and get the arena back? Dont worry, i will pay you, but for now i dont have money.. uh… i will pay you when i got some money, anyways, in order to defeat herobrine, use bows and arrows, as meele weapons dont work on him, and uh, you shouldnt use TNT, as TNT will destroy the arena… uh..dont worry, things wouldnt go wrong, just summon him, kill him, take back the arena, done. Thats all, uh.. will you do it for me?

-End of Phone Call-

Well, we should help him, did he say bows and arrows?
Hmm.. you should prepare your bows and arrows, dont forget to equip armor.
Extreme Herobrine 2 a
WARNING: He is the god of time in minecraft, when you summon him, time will go crazy!
P.S: Type /start to play
HE is watching YOU.
Extreme Herobrine 2 b


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