Furniture Mod Minecraft Pocket Edition

Furniture Mod
Furniture Mod is a new mod which adds a new furnitures to the game. Every furniture got its own functions so they aren’t only added because of the visual aspect.

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A laptop is crafted out of 6 iron bars and 3 redstones. Once crafted and place on the ground you can tap the computer. A new window will popup saying something like: Welcome to Minebay! and from there you can by clicking one of the items in the list of items.

Fridge & Freezer

A fridge & freezer is crafted out of 6 irons bars and 3 cooked chickens. If you tap the lower part of the fridge you’ll get a some cooked chicken. If you want to, you can tap the top part of the fridge which is the freezer, to freeze the chicken and have it stored there.

Other Items

Wooden / Cobblestone table: 3 planks + 2 sticks, 3 cobblestone + 2 sticks

Lamp: 6 redstone + 3 torches, turn it on and off by tapping it


Furniture Mod


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