google chrome: Mushroom Islands seed

In Mushroom Islands seed you will spawn on quite normal island. After spawned turn to your left and assuming you have max distance render on then you will see the coast of a mushroom island further ahead out in the sea.

Seed: google chrome

Mushroom Islands seed 1
The island is quite large in fact. Just turn and walk in the direction which allow you to journey further on to the island. After a while you will find some trees.

Mushroom Islands 2

There’s more than enough trees to make a crafting bench which you then can use to craft a boat.

Mushroom Islands 3

Go back to the spawn and place down the boat in the water and board the boat. You are no set to go on an adventure to explore the mushroom biome and see what secrets it might hold.

Mushroom Islands 4

Mushroom Islands 5

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