Herobrine 3 mod

Herobrine 3 mod is a boss mod which allows you to spawn and fight Herobrine. If you don’t know who Herobrine is then in short he is said to be Notch’s dead brother and a mysterious character in the world of Minecraft.

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To fight Herobrine you will need to spawn him. To get the spawn item type /herobrine in the chat and then tap with the spawn item on the ground to make him appear. (Make sure difficulty in settings is set to max!)

After a few seconds of his existence he will drop a TNT block on top of you and also two skeletons. Every once in a while he will burst up into the sky and when he falls down create an explosion.
Herobrine Features:

– 2500 health.
– Super jump and explosion.
– Arrow shooting.
– Skeleton minions.
– TNT drops.

Herobrine 3 mod 1

Herobrine 2


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