Herobrine Gear Mod

Herobrine Gear Mod adds in a brand new type of ore called “Herobrine Ore” which you can obtain and create armor, and weapons. Herobrine Ore randomly spawns through out your world at a very low rate, if you wish to gather them easier, just spawn them in.

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Herobrine Ore is mined simply by tapping on it, however it will drain your health to half.

Herobrine Armor: Consists of Herobrine Chestplate, Leggings, and Boots, will provide almost full protection.

Herobrine Staff: Has 3 forms, interchangable simply in the crafting GUI.

Mobility Form: Allows your to warp to where ever you tap.

Defence Form: Grants you an invinsible shield that protects you, however you will not be able to deal damage to anything whilst you hold the staff in this form.

Attack Form: A weapon that deals +9 attack damage.


IDs & Crafting Recipes:

– Herobrine Ingot (485).
– Herobrine Chestplate (487) – 8 Herobrine ingots.
– Herobrine Leggings (488) – 7 Herobrine ingots.
– Herobrine Boots (489) – 4 Herobrine ingots.
– Herobrine’s Staff [Mobility] (490) – 6 iron ingots + 2 Herobrine ingots + 1 iron block.
– Herobrine’s Staff [Attack] (491).
– Herobrine’s Staff [Defence] (492).
– Herobrine Ore (148).

Herobrine Gear Mod 1

Herobrine Gear 2


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