HEROBRINE4: Ice Spikes Biome seed

In Ice Spikes Biome seed, the spawn is on top of a tree on the border where three different biomes collide: snow, forest and ice spikes. If you turn around you will see the ice spikes biome.

The ice spikes biome isn’t very large but it nicely incorporates into the other biomes in a way that’s very unique.

Ice Spikes Biome seed 1

Ice Spikes Biome seed 2

The snow biome which the ice spikes biome is located next to is literally huge. Make sure to put on an extra pair of socks before heading into an infinite terrain of snow!

Ice Spikes Biome seed 3

It’s really not that big but as you probably know ice spikes are quite rare and when one is found it’s definitely worth to share with you!


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