Inside A Computer Map

Inside A Computer Map is a huge map where you explore the inside of a computer and play games. It is a single player and multiplayer map!

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You will start in a small room, there is a table and a chair and ontop of the table is a laptop. You go inside the laptop and get transported into the computer dimension. You have to complete computer minigames to get out.

– The first game is Slender’s Army Of Monsters. When slendy has a day off.
– The second game is Day-M (Day monster) like Day-Z (Day-Zombie) but with more than just zombies.
– The third game is Fireboy and Watergirl (Made by SweetHeavens).
– The fourth game is Pacman.
– The fifth game is The Scary Maze Game.
– The sixth game is Target Practice (Idea by RetroArcade).
– The seventh game is Space Invaders.
– The eighth game is Minecraft.
– The ninth game is Terraria.
– The tenth game is Portal 2 (Made by Sweetheavens).
– The eleventh game will be Rollercoaster Tycoon (Inspired by the mighty BrittoMC).
– The twelfth game will be a virus level.
– The thirteenth game will be Sonic (RetroArcade will be making that).
– The fourteenth game will be Zelda.
– The fifteenth game will be Mario.
– There wil be a boss battle at the end.


Inside A Computer Map 1

Computer Map 2

Computer Map 3

Computer Map 4

Computer Map 5

Computer Map 6

Computer Map 7

Computer Map 8

Computer Map 9

Computer Map 10


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