John Smith Texture Pack Ported

With John Smith Texture Pack Ported, the port is available in 2 flavors – the original 32x high res version, as well as a downscaled 16x version.
Port includes all blocks, items, mobs, containers, environment (sky, etc.) and GUI. The screenshots don’t do it justice.

Download Links

32x Version:

16x Version:

  • John Smith MCPE Texture Pack (16x)
  • This version was downscaled using the Lanczos3 algorithm to maintain the most detail and accuracy so tiling continues to work, etc.
  • Performance will be better, and in addition the MCPE bugs on 32x packs are not present.

Info & Screens

john-smith-texture-pack 9

john-smith-texture-pack 1

john-smith-texture-pack 2

john-smith-texture-pack 3

john-smith-texture-pack 4

john-smith-texture-pack 5

john-smith-texture-pack 6

john-smith-texture-pack 7

john-smith-texture-pack 8
Known Issues/Bugs/Notes:
32x Version: Being an up-scaled 32x texture pack, there are a number of known bugs in MCPE affecting non-16x texture packs. Those are:

  • all smaller flowers, tree saplings and bed have black background where they should be transparent
  • wooden doors have some missing pixels when placed (transparent where they shouldn’t be)
  • many blocks and items when held will show a different item or texture in your player hand than the item selected
  • cracks in blocks while destroying will have black background
  • some tree leaves will have flowing water and/or lava on them (see downloads for bug fix mod)

16x Version:

  • [fixed] Items while carried sizing issues

Issues affecting both versions:

  • [fixed]Iron Ingot image missing (still functional, but inventory shows a blank image). Fix coming soon.
  • [fixed] some custom mob and clothing skins not appearing
  • [fixed] top of bed showing wrong tile

Incoming search terms:

john smith texture pack minecraft pe.

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