KFC: 6 Diamonds & A Village seed

In 6 Diamonds & A Village seed, once you have spawned there will be a pool of lava on your left and if you continue to walk left past the lava pool you will get to a village.

Seed: KFC

The village is small and doesn’t house any blacksmith but it’s still neat because its quite unique with a few open caves in the center and as promised – it got diamonds!

Dive into the water in the well and dig straight down for a while.

6 Diamonds A Village seed 2

6 Diamonds A Village seed 3

Soon enough you should reach a cave system. If you see some lava pouring out from one of the walls then you are on the right track.

Walk in the direction as seen on the image below.

6 Diamonds A Village seed 4

Keep following the tunnel down to where you will see some more lava and redstone.

6 Diamonds A Village seed 5

Walk down to the little pool of lava and look to your right to see a diamond.

6 Diamonds A Village seed 6

Place down block at the lava or use a bucket to empty the area of lava so you can get all of the six diamonds.

6 Diamonds A Village seed 7

At the same location there are also plenty of redstone and coal which you can pick up too if you want to.

Seed: KFC

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