MCPE Achievements Mod

One feature which MCPE still lacks compared to the PC version is the achievement system. While MCPE Achievements Mod might not be the most cool feature of Minecraft it’s still a fun thing to have, at least that’s our opinion of the whole thing.

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With this mod you can implement achievements into your gameplay. Lets say you collect wood for the first time ever then the mod will print you a message saying that you have achieved that achivement. When typing /info you can see which achievements you have got so far and which you still need.

At this point the mod is very basic but we hope that the creator will look into more alternatives way to make it a fun thing to have.


  • 17 possiblie achievements inspired by Minecraft PC
  • 3 new commands
  • Automated achievement system


  • /reset (resets all achievements)
  • /help
  • /info

All Achievements

  1. “Getting Wood”
  2. “Benchmarking” (craft a crafting table)
  3. “Time to Mine!” (craft a wooden pickaxe)
  4. “Hot Topic” (craft a furnace)
  5. “Acquire Hardware” (gather iron ingots)
  6. “Time to Farm!” (craft a hoe)
  7. “Bake Bread”
  8. “The Lie” (make a cake)
  9. “Getting an Upgrade” (craft a stone pickaxe)
  10. “On a Rail” (craft a rail)
  11. “Time to Strike!” (craft a wooden sword)
  12. “Creeper Hunter” (gather gunpowder)
  13. “Cow Tipper” (gather leather)
  14. “DIAMONDS!”
  15. “Librarian” (craft a bookcase)
  16. “Gold Digger” (mine a gold ore)
  17. “Breakfast” (pick up an egg)


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