MCPE Builds to .js File Mod

MCPE Builds to .js File Mod lets you copy your creations in Minecraft Pocket Edition to your very own ModPE script. Basically what it does is it generates a .js file from selections you make in-game and have the selection of builds turned into a .js file. Then with a little bit of tinkering with the code you can load the new .js file with BlockLauncher as with any other mod and have the build appear in-game when you tap a set item.

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The point of this mod is to allow people to make mods that spawn buildings or dungeons in the game without having to write out every single Level.setTile(x,y,z,id,data); over and over again. Instead, just build what you want, select the area and boom! It’s been done for you!
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Creator: androidKaghon

How to use the mod?

Below you will find an in-depth text guide and then in the very bottom a video guide.

Text Guide

1. First off create the build which you want to turn into a .js file. The build can be of any size and can include any blocks you want to. In the example below we will demonstrate with a stone dungeon build.

2. Take out your shears item (which is normally used to cut the wool from a sheep) and then select the relative point which in the demonstration is the gold block.

mcpe-builds-to-js-file-mod 1

3. Select the first corner of the build which outlines the area. Understand that this should be equal to the lowest point of the build, for example the ground block.

mcpe-builds-to-js-file-mod 2

4. Select the second corner of the build which outlines the area. It should be equal to the highest point of the build and stretch diagonally from the first corner block, for example the roof block.

mcpe-builds-to-js-file-mod 3

5. Now you have successfully outlined the area. The next thing you want to do is to save the file by using a seed item.

mcpe-builds-to-js-file-mod 4

6. When you use the seed item it will ask you to name the file. In the example we will name it to Rad Dungeon. The default settings are usually set to all OFF. Let’s have a look at each meaning of the settings.

  • Include the air blocks? It’s not recommended because it drastically increases the file size. What it does is that it includes all of the air blocks above the build. In this case we will choose not to include it.
  • Do not include relative point block? It highly depends on the build. In our case the gold block is obviously not wanted to be included, but in some cases the relative point block is part of the build.
  • Do not include first corner block? In our case it was the dirt block and we want it included. In some builds it’s not wanted.
  • Do not include second corner block?  Same goes here, in our case we want the roof block included but for some builds it’s not wanted.

mcpe-builds-to-js-file-mod 5

7. When you’ve selected each right option for your build then select Okay and the build will be saved to /games/com.mojang/ModPE/Rad Dungeon.

mcpe-builds-to-js-file-mod 6

8. Quit Minecraft Pocket Edition and open up a file manager, e.g. Astro File Manager. Locate the Rad Dungeon folder in /games/com.mojang/ModPE/Rad Dungeon and open up the one file found in that folder. It’s recommended to use DroidEdit but you can use any other javascript or text editor that you want to.

mcpe-builds-to-js-file-mod 7

It might be a bit laggy because there is a lot of code. To decrease the lag you can go to settings and turn of the Syntax Highlighting in DroidEdit or use a text editor instead of javascript editor to open the file with.

9. The first and most important step is to make the function name just one word. In our case it’s currently called Rad Dungeon but it needs to be edited to RadDungeon.

mcpe-builds-to-js-file-mod 8

10. Below the first line create a new line and type the following code on that second line.

function useItem(x, y, z, itemId, blockId, side, data){
if (blockId==57){

11. Save the file and exit DroidEdit.

12. Open BlockLauncher. Select Manage ModPE Scripts. Select Import. Import from Local Storage. Select the Rad Dungeon.js file from /games/com.mojang/ModPE/Rad Dungeon.

13. Open Minecraft Pocket Edition and enter a world.

14. Take out a diamond block (block id = 57 which was set in the if statement code). Place it one level above ground (or in the same height as the relative point block was placed).

mcpe-builds-to-js-file-mod 9

15. Then tap on the diamond block to spawn the dungeon.

mcpe-builds-to-js-file-mod 10


First of all, to use any mod/mods you will need Blocklauncher or Blocklauncher pro. You can find it on the app store (for kindle and android only).

Step 1 : Download any mod/mods of your choice.

Step 2 : Open Blocklauncher(free/pro).

Step 3 : Click the wrench icon near the top of your screen.

Step 4 : Click the manage ModPE scripts option.

Step 5 : Click the import button.

Step 6 : Click the Local storage button.

Step 7 : Find where the mods that you downloaded went (usually under downloads).

Step 8 : Click the mod that you wish to install.

Step 9 : Enjoy the mod/mods that you installed.

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