Mine York City Map (MYC)

Welcome to Mine York City, the land of opportunity. This map ranks as one if not the largest cities in Minecraft (The country the city is in is The National Republic of Minecraft) Pocket Edition.

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The cityscape is the closest thing you can find in Pocket Edition to New York City. The city consists of five Islands, each a separate borough of the city. The largest is Minehatten, MYC’s Manhatten. Portrayed as a cultural Icon, MYC is a bustling Metropolis. The city’s founding occurred on June 5, 2012 and has been under construction for over 8 Months (in the world, the city’s founding occurred on April 10, 1683, and merged into one gigantic city in 1873. MYC’s highway system, along with the rest of the Metropolitan Area, is the largest in The National Republic of Minecraft (NRM). The NRM is divided into various states, each with various towns and cities (like Mine York, abiet smaller).
So what does this map have? It has:

Many Skyscrapers (more than 40!)
A concert hall (or stage) with three stages
A small shopping mall and a large shopping mall
An entire road system
An entire subway system and rail system
An elaborate highway system
Five different islands, all boroughs of the city (Minehatten, Blocker, Lapiz Island, Nether Island, and Ender Island)
Various cities and towns scattered all around the world
Apartment Buildings, characterized if they have beds on every floor
A Baseball stadium, home to the Mine York Ghasts.
A brand new football (soccer) stadium
The City’s modern Quartz Public Library on Nether Island
James F. Rafferty (JFR) International Airport, next to the largest Highway intersection in the city
A soccer and PvP arena,
Mine York City (MYC)1

Mine York City (MYC)2

Mine York City (MYC)
Mine York City (MYC)5

Mine York City (MYC)3

Mine York City (MYC)4


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