Minecraft PE 0.13.0 Upcoming Version

This post discuss all recent and future for Minecraft PE 0.13.0 (Upcoming Version) updates here. Post your ideas here: What do you want to see in MCPE 0.13.0 ?

Beta testing for Android users available now:

mcpe 0.13.0 build 2
mcpe 0.13.0 build 1

Confirmed Features:
… still not

Some members ideas:


Wither Boss
Ender Dragon.



Ender Pearl.
Eye Of Ender.
Carrot On Stick.
Horses Armor.



Iron Doors In The Inventroy.
All Redstone Blocks.
Re-Adding The Nether Reactor Core In Creative Inventroy “We Gonna Use It For Decoration :D”
Stained Glass.


The End.
Splash Screen.
Trading With Villagers.
Wearable Pumpkin And Mob Heads.
Survival Interacts In Creative “This Feature Should Be Added In 0.12.1 But They Removed This Feature While BETA”.
PC Creative And Survival Inventroy.
More Skin Packs.
Ridding Pigs.
Dropping Items In Creative Mode.


– Working Redstone (including all redstone-related blocks and components) …actually, I’d be happy if this was the only thing added.
– The End.
– Horses.
– All the PC Keyboard shortcuts for those playing with a keyboard and mouse and people playing on a PC.


– horses.
– commnds.
– the end.
– new biomes.
– redstone.
– wither.
– ender dragon.
– new blocks.
– and some secret thing.

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