Minecraft PE Beta 0.12.1 Build 10 (Latest)

Minecraft Pocket Edition Beta 0.12.1 Build 10 is out with many features and bug fixes. Check the changelog and do folow there steps to get the latest of testing version now.

To join testing version you will need:

– A Google Plus account.
– An Android device that can run Pocket Edition.
– Minecraft Pocket Edition purchased from the Google Play Store.

Once you have these make sure to join the beta group and follow the instructions there to get the beta.

Please backup your existing worlds (read backup tutorial here) before use testing version.



– Villagers always become Zombie Villagers in Hard difficulty.
– Endermen avoid water.
– Only use the leaves coloring shaders when the color for a biome actually changes (perf increase).
– Only sample the lightmap texture for non-transparent pixels (perf increase).
– Updated sounds.

Bug Fixes:

– Items drop again!
– When dying in the Nether, you respawn in the Overworld.
– Potentially fixed a lot of crashes when closing/reopening the app.
– Fixed a crash in multiplayer when loading chunks.
– Fixed a crash with Villagers in the Nether.
– Fixed a black screen crash when opening the game on bad internet connections.
– Snow doesn’t accumulate under Stairs.
– Fixed a crash in the Crafting menu.
– Mobs don’t jump and turn anymore on Soul Sand.
– Also fixed on top of Chests.
– Fixed Endermen shaking when damaged.
– Villages shouldn’t spawn anymore without villagers.
– NPCs actually notice when crops are ready.
– Hoes now actually lose durability when used.
– Vines can now be placed on leaves.
– Skulls now look different in multiplayer.
– Dark Wood and Acacia don’t let you climb anymore.
– Fixed a crash when touching the Enchant button.
– Zombie pigmen now die correctly in TNT explosions.
– The Enderman teleport sound now can be heard on clients.
– Proper handling of input in the Port Number field.
– Can now type Unicode characters on a sign.
– World name input doesn’t break anymore when using left to go back.
– Cactuses now have the correct particles when broken.
– Fixed renaming not working in the Anvil.
– Particles don’t flicker black anymore.

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