Minecraft Windows 10 Beta Edition

Minecraft Windows 10 Beta Edition 0.12.2 has an update today! Changes are largely based on player feedback, plus a few bugs that needed ironing out. Give it a try, and see what you think.
New Features:

– Real full-screen now enabled.
– Sprinting should work like PC.
– Make FOV changeable.

Other Features:

– Anvil UI works better- you can access the main UI while renaming/repairing & can place items in the second slot.
– Minecarts don’t disappear when you enter the nether.
– “Repopulation” achievement fixed.
– Squid able to be pulled with a fishing rod.
– Creative world saves can be imported to the Trial version.
– Nether brick slab now craftable.
– You can keep chatting with your friends when you get on a boat.
– Fixed spawning/respawning in the Nether & in flat worlds.
– Mining emerald ore fixed for correct pickaxe types.
– Custom skins tab fixed.
– Enchanted books now include enchantment names.
– Fixed scenario where writing signs would cause the game to crash.
– Fixed issues with furnaces & chests not working.
– Fixed crashes when players repeatedly entered & left the Nether.
– Audio file fixes.
– Fixed crashes for players with non-ASCII characters in names.
– Fixed world progress saved game issue.

You can:
Report bugs here: Minecraft issue tracker.

Give feedback here: Minecraft Windows 10 Beta Edition Feedback

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