More Mutant Creatures Mod

More Mutant Creatures Mod adds 8 mutant creatures. All of the mobs use customized player models to provide a new and hopefully more scary appearance. All of the mobs have to be spawned using spawn eggs but they are easy to obtain by the use of the creative inventory.

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Spawn Egg IDs

  • Mutant Zombie Villager (441)
  • Mutant Zombie (442)
  • Mutant Villager (443)
  • Mutant Spider (32)
  • Giant (445)
  • Mutant Skeleton (446)
  • Mutant Snow Golem (447)
  • Baby Mutant Zombie Villager (448)
  • Baby Mutant Zombie (449)

How to use More Mutant Creatures Mod

The mutant creatures must be spawned by yourself using one of the spawn eggs found in the creative inventory. If you want to spawn them in survival mode you can use the Toolbox mod (or SimpleCommands) to obtain the spawn eggs. We’ve included a list of item IDs further down on this page. Remember to set difficult to max otherwise they might not spawn.

There are two types of mutated villagers. The first one has turned into a zombie and the other one is a regular but muscled up villager.

More Mutant Creatures Mod

The mutant spider looks much more frightening than an ordinary spider. It has longer legs and more fearful eyes. The only downside is that the legs aren’t moving when it walks.

More Mutant Creatures 1

The mutant skeleton is a beefed up version of a normal skeleton. The bow looks kind of funny because it’s definitely out of proportion for the skeleton.

More Mutant Creatures 2

The mutant snow golem use pretty much the same model render as the mutated villagers but the textures are completely different. It also leaves a trail of snow wherever it walks.

More Mutant Creatures 3

Here’s a baby mutant. It’s just a few pixels taller than a chicken.

More Mutant Creatures 4

The giant zombie isn’t really mutated in any other way than that it is enormous.

More Mutant Creatures 5
Mob Battles

One thing which is really fun in More Mutant Creatures Mod is to watch the mutants fight each other. Currently it seems that it’s only the mutant snow golem which will start the fights. But it definitely adds an extra layer of fun.

(The speech bubble isn’t there in-game but I couldn’t help but add it myself, it looked so funny!)

More Mutant Creatures 6

More Mutant Creatures 7


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