Nether Portal Mod

A Nether Portal mod Minecraft Pocket Edition that works almost the same way as the original feature on PC.

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How does it work?

  1. Start off by generate or download a world which is called nether. Make sure the directory for the world also is called nether.
  2. Get in-game and start building the portal. To create it you need 14 Obsidian. Form a rectangular standing portal as seen in the image below (ignore the glass in the middle for now this should be air).
  3. Get a Flint and Steel and tap on the two blocks in the bottom center of the portal. As soon you do this the glass panes will appear and these will act as the magic Minecraft blocks which will take you to other worlds.
  4. Go back to the title screen and then you will be teleported to the world nether which you created earlier. In this world another portal will automatically appear which you can use to get back to another world.

This is a mod for iOS.
Nether Portal Mod

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