Nether’s Son Mod

Nether’s Son Mod! The Best Boss Mod for MCPE! by Gonza Argll. This mod adds Summoner, Adamantium Swords … to your game.

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First the Summoner! It has to craft in the Stonecutter.
Nether's Son Mod 1
Also can craft a new type of material, the Adamantium! and make an Sword with it!
Son Mod 2

Son Mod 3
This is the only type of Sword that can hit The Boss, with the others ones will you draw and drop away.. With two used Adamantium Swords, can craft a new one!
Ok, now let’s summon The Nether’s Son! make this structure and touch the Summoner to bring a pinch of the Nether to your world!
Son Mod 4
A pinch of the Nether!
Son Mod 5
It bring Quartz Ore! Same extraction and furnaced procedures as PC..
Son Mod 6

Son Mod 7
These buddies will fight to death to protect The the Nether’s Son!
Son Mod 8

Son Mod 9

Son Mod 10
Once defeated, this structure is generated on his deathbed! With his Heart on the top!
Son Mod 11
The second block it calls Nether Rock, and if you break, it drops the Nether’s Staff! Be careful, do not fall into the lava!
Son Mod 12
With this magic nether piece, you can make day or night just touching a block of grass, dirt or podzol!
Son Mod 13
If you hit someone, it will burn, and will have 5 heart less.. You can fix it with Lapiz Lazuli!
But that’s not all, also can burn materials, for example, if you touch wood, it turns into charcoal, quartz ore in quartz, sand in glass, snow in water, cobblestone in stone, gold ore in gold ingot, and so on!

The trophy!
Son Mod 14


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