OnePiece Craft PE Mod

OnePiece Craft PE is an incredibly popular anime series and what the creator of this mod has done here is to implement ideas and creatures found in the anime to Minecraft. The outcome is OnePiece Craft PE.

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  • /helpmod (list of all commands in the mod)
  • /giveitems (gives you all the items of the mod)
  • /damage (to see all the damages of the swords)

Item ID’s

  • Kitetsu – 411
  • Shusui – 421
  • Wado Ichimonji – 410
  • Yoru – 413
  • Kogatana – 415
  • Clima-Tact – 414
  • Dark Steel Ingot – 417
  • Spawn Snail – 419
  • Steel Ingot – 418

Creator: 49SkyFox

Down below you can find a gallery of images which should give you a slight idea of what the mod is about and what it does.
OnePiece Craft PE Mod
Crafting Recipes

oprec1 oprec2

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