Ore Farm Mod

Ore Farm Mod adds the possibility to farm ores near you and never go back to the caves!
Still this mod has got only seeds but im trying to add something else!

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The basics are simple just normal farming!
UPDATED TO 2.0!!!!!

Ore Seeds (all craftable)
370 Coal Seeds
371 Iron Seeds
372 Budder (gold) Seeds
373 Redstone Seeds
374 Diamond Seeds
375 Lapis Lazuli Seeds
376 Emerald Seeds

Ore Saplings
190 Coal Sapling
191 Iron Sapling
192 Budder(gold) Sapling
193 Diamond Sapling
194 Emerald Sapling
195 Redstone Sapling
196 Lapis Sapling

Guys you know how to farm!
Just use a seed on a farmland block and wait!
Place those sapling on the ground and wait till the tree grows!
Then cut of the logs and in a crafting table you can turn them into minerals!
Ore Farm Mod 1

Ore Farm Mod 2

Ore Farm Mod 3


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